Monday, December 8, 2008

The corny intro thing.

Hi and Welcome to our blog. We're Jon and Kelley, your new favorite additions to the cocktail blogosphere. At least that's what we're hoping for. Anyway, we're both very excited to be here and much looking forward to bringing you reviews, opinions, recipes, ideas, thoughts, rants, and raves. Our interests aren't limited to just adult beverages, however. We also enjoy fine cigars and the occasional hooker slaying (more blogs to come).
So this blog does have a purpose besides creating uncomfortable moments for our readers, and that is to share all our thoughts and experiences in all things alcohol, with you. That includes everything from Heineken to Hennesey XO, Margaritas to Merlot.

Jon(RummyPDX @ Ministry of Rum) is obsessed with rum and our resident mixologist, Kelley is a full blown wino and beer lover extraordinaire. Together we should be able to cover just about anything, as long as the buzz is good.


RumDood said...

Hey, welcome to the Cocktail Blogosphere. Be sure to keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the blog at all times. ;-)

Jon and Kelley said...

Hey, thanks a a lot Matt. We're definitely stoked to be here.